In this episode Jeff Shupe reviews the historical evolution of 2” hose and its fit in today’s fire service as an intermediate size hose line, balancing high flows with mobility utilizing a 1-1/16” tip with a target flow of 240 gallons per minute.

Be sure to tune into the next episode where Jeff shows a side-by-side comparison of 2” and 2-1/2” attack packages.

Jeff Shupe

Jeff Shupe began his career in 1974 and retired from the Cleveland (OH) Fire Department in 2011. He then served briefly as a Division Chief in North Myrtle Beach (SC) Fire and Rescue. He has also served as a volunteer firefighter. He is an Ohio certified fire instructor.

He was a Field Training Officer for the State of Ohio Fire Academy for 24 years and taught for many years in basic and advanced firefighter training programs.

Shupe has authored numerous fire service articles over the years for Fire Engineering, FIREHOUSE, and FireNuggets.com. He instructs and consults on engine company and fire ground operations, procedures and practices.

He has an associate degree in Fire Technology from a community college and attended University of Cincinnati Fire Protection Engineering program.

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