LATEST IN The Nozzle

Half Baling (Episode #99)

Half baling, or gating the nozzle half way, can have pros and cons depending on the type of nozzle that we are using and the size of the hose line we are flowing. In this episode Jon Hall covers some points of consideration when you half bale such as impacts to flow and handling.


Break-Apart Nozzles (Ep #62)

Break-Apart nozzles can give you the best of both worlds having both a smooth bore and a fog nozzle in one, but there are some critical points that need to be known in building the appropriate break-apart combination.


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Utilizing some of the country’s top engine company instructors, we are checking our emotions at the door and presenting the pros and cons of the relevant engine company topics in the fire service. Part Art. Part Science.

This educational video series will be sure to leave you a better informed about nozzles, flows, your fire flow system, and engine company operations as a discipline.

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