In the second of this 4-ep. segment, find out what pressure readings to get and how to determine friction loss in your attack package.

PART 2 of 4: Calculating friction loss in your rig plumbing and attack hose is critical to understanding your pump pressures and target flow rates. In this second segment, Jerry Herbst and Chris Martin show what pressure readings to get and with some simple calculations show you how to determine the friction loss in your attack package.

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Jerry Herbst

Jerry is a 37 year veteran of the Fire Service and is a New York State certified Training Officer. With over 25 years on the line Jerry has served in all rank positions including 6 years as Chief of Department in his local volunteer FD and ten years as a paid Deputy Chief Coordinator at the County Level. He is still an active Firefighter and Apparatus Operator.

He has been with Elkhart Brass since 2006 serving as a Regional Manager, National Account Manager and Strategic Development Manager for Municipal Markets.

Currently the Head of Training and Product Specialist for Elkhart Brass, his primary area of responsibility is the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic corridor. He also travels throughout the U.S. in support of Elkhart’s field force and National account partners providing subject matter expertise on the evaluation, development and implementation of equipment solutions for effective fire attack packages.

He is responsible for relationships with national level fire service instructors and training company's across the U.S. and facilitates their interaction with Elkhart Brass.

Jerry has been published and referenced in Industry leading media and is active in instruction and support at many of the nation’s leading Hands on Training events.

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